The Insider’s Guide To No Essay Scholarships

There have been a lot of bad feelings and talk about no essay scholarships and for good reason. Because they are easier to apply for, and often handed out on a sweepstakes type of bases, there have been some scams that have been set up.

Putting pencil to paper.

Does this mean that you should turn the other way and run when you see a scholarship being offered that doesn’t require an essay?

No way! These days, you’ll run into a scam in all different areas of the Internet. That doesn’t make the Internet bad. Neither are these types of grants. You just need to know what to look for and then get to work entering the good ones.

Here’s The Bold Truth

While there are some scams operating, there are many more that are legit. The fact that there are these scams running could even work to your advantage. A lot of people have decided to completely ignore scholarships that don’t require any type of written essay for this reason, which gives you a better chance of winning.

There are real students that are actually winning the awards that are being handed out. You have just as much chance of winning one of these as another person does. It’s all in the luck of the draw and if you end up winning, you’ll find yourself that much closer to funding your education.

How They Work

You’ll find a lot of these types of entries on websites. The sites will offer free money to help bring in more visitors to the website. The more traffic that flows through these types of websites, the bigger the chances are that the website can draw in high-paying advertisers.

These easy types of scholarships actually end up being a win-win situation for both the student and the website.

Which Ones To Apply For

If you have any doubts, you can do a bit of research on your own. The easiest way to find out whether a scholarship is legitimate is to look for any past winners if the competition has been held in the past.

Quite often, the website will promote its contest by showing past winners and you may even see photos of them.

When you start entering for the chance to win a small grant, you’ll see that it doesn’t take much time at all. If the amount offered is only $500-$1000, it’s still worth the time to submit a quick application anyway. If you’re lucky enough to win a few of them, you could end up with up to $3000 in your pocket that can be applied to school costs.

Applying is much the same as entering a sweepstake, but with much better odds. Only students are allowed to apply, and the vast majority of them won’t. Many won’t find the specific scholarship that you’re applying for and a lot of students just stay away from no essay types because they think they are fake.

With sweepstakes, there has to be a winner or else the company can be charged with fraud. The same goes with these. In the end, someone does have to end up with the prize. Why shouldn’t it be you?

How To Avoid College Finance Scams

Now that we’ve established that there are legitimate no essay scholarship options being handed out and that they are worth applying for, you’ll need to know how to avoid the scams.

Here Are The Telltale Signs Of A Bogus Scholarship

You need to pay money to apply – Run, run, run! Don’t ever send any money to apply no matter how enticing it may seem. It’s a scam – no legitimate company ever asks for an application fee.

There are no contact details provided by the sponsor – Look for a phone number and an email address. Whoever is offering this grant shouldn’t be afraid to leave its contact details.

You are asked to apply from an email that was sent to you – You need to be actively looking for the scholarships. Funding that is offered by email is almost always a scam.

Lack of terms and conditions – There should be a cutoff date for applications, information detailing how the successful applicant will be contacted and any other pertinent terms and conditions that would apply.

They ask for banking information – Never provide personal details such as a credit card number, your Social Security number, or any banking information on an application. A legitimate offer will not include any of these questions on its application form.

Use Your Time Wisely

There are different types of scholarships scattered across the Internet. Some will ask for complicated essays, some will require simple short ones to be written while others are quick and easy to apply for and don’t require any writing at all.

While you shouldn’t be ignoring the fast and easy ones, for the reasons listed above, you should also make sure that you are entering the more difficult ones as well. Try to balance your time and set aside a schedule every day where you can apply for the different types.

Every effort you take now to line up your school funding will help you in the future. The more you enter and apply, the better your chances will be and, with some effort and hard work, you may just end up with a free education. Here are some more ways for you to get money for school.

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