In the black void of nothing long ago before the conception of the universe there was only one, a omnipotent being only known as the omega. This being was the first consciousness. The Omega would, at a time no living organism can comprehend, choose upon his own free will to create the very reality we know today. Now that the Omega had created reality he would quell his omnipotent knowledge to witness what would happen to this new reality. He constantly watched and waited for change to occur, but the Omega witnessed no change within his own created reality and opted to create an engine of change. A being that could bring about change, this being would rise from the black and bile or the darkest reaches of the universe. It’s true name can not be uttered by human tongues. The closest thing to it’s name that the human mind can perceive is the Hebrew word for “sea monster” or מפלצת ימית. This is roughly translated into english as “Cthulhu.”

This great beast would become the great fire that would ignite the universe and all beings within. After a passing of empty events x1000 times longer than any human lifespan, the Omega became lonely and was disappointed with his partner Cthulhu. The two got in an argument in the bowels of the underworld. The two, after a long heated fight, the Omega submerged damaged and defeated. Some of the Omega’s outer covering were shed and shot into space. These heated lovers had unknowingly planted the seeds for the creation of all matter. These pieces condensed and collided into basic atomic nuclei . The Omega saw these great creation and pondered his own existence as his lover Cthulhu thought about this struggling relationship. The two star-crossed lovers, after a long time giving each other the silent treatment, swallowed their own pride and made up that night as they were going to bed. The Omega apologized for being unappreciative of his sweet tender significant other. Cthulhu accepted his gesture and apologized for turning to violence during their argument. The matter that the Omega had indirectly created cried out to him as they had no purpose in reality. The Omega saw this and asked Cthulhu if he would manage and watch over the matter and directed toward purpose. Cthulhu could not do this as his domain was not giving purpose and order, but dealing punishment and destruction to all beings that disobeyed the Omega. This existential  conundrum would be solved when the Omega had an idea; he would create a being with  dominion over of power and discipline.

This being would rise when the Omega struck off the right foot of Cthulhu and cast it into the bowels of the underworld. Cthulhu accepted this as penance for the damage he had done to his soulmate.  The foot festered and burned for many years.

The rest of “The Dawning” can be found in Omega Dierum.

Omega Dierum- Coming Soon