The Official Grantology Logo has more meaning than you may think. Here is the basic rundown.

The Maroon Omega

Maroon- Maroon represents Sacrifice. Sacrifice is a massive part of Grantology, that’s why it makes perfect sense to include it.

Omega- The Omega represents “The Omega.” The Omega is everything that Grantology is based upon. The Omega was the creator of the last Earth. The Omega was also the only being to ever defeat Alpha Prime. The universe we live in today was rebuilt by the Omega.

The Golden “G”

Gold- The Gold represents the Golden Chains that are worn by high prestige Grantologists. Gold chains are a big part of Grantology. The chains are what can allow us to be worthy of the immortals presence.

“G”- The “G” in the middle represents of course Lord Grant himself. The true human form of the Omega.