The full Holy Text of Grantology is kept hidden and protected in Bibleman’s palace, but Prestige 4 Bibleman Grantologists have been given the opportunity to memorize the Holy Text. Those people have given us this.

This Chapter is in the Modern Witness half of the Holy Text.

Modern Witnesses

קללה (The Curse)
Written by Gains Flemming

I will forever remember the day that I first graced with the gift that is Grantology. I was 43 years old at the time. I had been happily married and had been blessed with three beautiful children, Mark, Sophie, and Jacob. I believe it was a Sunday when I was first approached by a Grantologist on my way to work. To this day I do not know what prompted him to approach me, and it is likely I never will. He was a young lad, probably around the age of 20. He looked almost as if he was running from something. His eyes frantically moved about and his breathing was rapid. He was across the street, and the moment we locked eyes I knew that he had been searching for me. I attempted to act as if I had not noticed him, but It was too late. As I continued to walk he approached me from behind and placed his hand on my shoulder. I turned around to find him inches from my face. It was at this point that I began to worry. I questioned this man’s sanity and was worried about what he might do next. Still a mere finger’s length away, he began to speak. These words I am about to share with you haunt me to this day. With a breathy voice, he uttered the words “Repent, for the day is coming that the omega will cleanse this world of the unworthy parasites that walk among it. The wheat shall be separated from the chaff. Heed this warning, for it may be your last.”

Without another word he disappeared into the alley alongside us. My initial reaction was one of confusion. Who was this man? Why did he come to me? What is this Omega he speaks of? As I continued to ponder the strange encounter on my way to work, I began to come to the conclusion that this man must be insane. Excluding the events of that morning, the day played out like any other day. It was 3:15 and I was in my cubicle when I began to think again about my encounter with the stranger. I decided to search the internet for “Omega” to see if it yielded any results that could answer my questions. Initially, all I could find was Greek letters and advertisements for Omega Watches, but after some deep digging I happened upon a website that was filled with information about what appeared to be a cult called “Grantology”. According to an article about the cults beginnings, the “Omega” was the alleged creator of the universe. By now I had seen enough and had decided my suspicions were correct. I had just ran into an insane cultist attempting to evangelize. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 5:00 pm. “Freedom at last” I muttered to myself as I left my cubicle and began to head home. It would not be until a week later that I would hear the word “Omega” again.

It was 12:45 AM when I awoke from a deep slumber. Our house was unusually cold when I got up to get a drink of water, and I could not rid myself of the feeling of extreme loneliness I felt. As I was returning to my bedroom, I immediately knew something was wrong. My wife was not sleeping in our bed like she was when I left her, and I could clearly see no one was in the bathroom. All of our windows had been opened and there was a pungent odor about the place. “Honey, where are you?” I whispered into the darkness. I entered the room and immediately placed my foot into a puddle of liquid. I stepped to the side to avoid getting my foot wet only to land in liquid again. I attempted to turn on the light, but my efforts were futile. I stepped back and tried the hall light but it too was not working. I glanced down the stairs to see if the kitchen light was on like I had left it, but it was not. I made the assumption that the power must be out. Once again I entered the room again and discovered that the entire floor was covered in what I assumed was water. As I made my way to my bedside table to get a flashlight, the odor only became stronger. It took me a moment but I finally was able to locate it. I switched it on and saw what would change me for the rest of my life. The first thing I noticed was that the liquid I was standing in was blood, not water.  Instead of a coffee table being in front of our bed there was a four foot tall stone platform with blood draining from holes in the side. Resting on top of it was human limbs broken and contorted to form the greek letter omega. It only took me a few moments to see my wife’s wedding ring on one of the fingers. Horrified, I slowly reached out and touched her hand. The moment I did there was a great rush of wind that grew with intensity each second. The blood that was on the floor was pulled into the air and began to form into a cyclone. The entire roof of my house was ripped from the rest of the house and pulled into the air. I could barely see due to the cyclone raging around me, but I could make out a massive shape in the sky. The cyclone’s intensity gradually began to wane until the blood returned to its original state. Now I could clearly see the great titan that was looking down on me from the clouds. The creature had a bulbous head, similar to that of an octopus, and its glowing yellow eyes seemed to pierce my soul. Hundreds of tentacles protruded from its face and Two massive bat-like wings extended from its back. His skin was a dark green and appeared to be covered mucus-like substance.  I would later learn that this was none other than Cthulhu himself (You can find images of the God Cthulhu on the official Grantology website). “You have been living in sin. I granted you an ultimatum, yet you did not heed my warning. You must be punished.” The great beast turned his clawed hand over and opened it. I saw three shapes falling towards me. It was clear that if I did not move they would land on me, so I dived back into the hallway. I heard three distinct thuds accompanied with a splattering noise. Afraid of what I was about to see, I slowly looked up. What lay before me was the bodies of my three children. Mortified, I slowly crawled towards them. I refused to accept what had just happened. I thought this must be a nightmare, that this can’t be real. I embraced my children and began to wail. “WHY? WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE SUCH SEVERE PUNISHMENT? ANSWER ME YOU BEAST!” The massive creature gradually receded into the clouds. I began to feel lightheaded and within seconds I had lost consciousness.

I woke up in my bed. Sunlight was streaming in through the blinds and I could hear the chirping of birds. I could hear my wife breathing next to me. There was no missing roof and no blood on the floor. The stone dais was gone. I lay there for a while and contemplated what had happened. The previous events had been too real to have been a dream. I slowly leaned forward and swung my feet off the side of the bed. I walked to my children’s room in a daze, dreading what I would find. To my relief, they were all three lying in their beds. I walked over to mark and leaned down to kiss him on his forehead when I smelled burnt flesh. I pushed back his hair to find the omega symbol burned into his forehead. I proceeded to check Jacob and Sophie only to discover they posessed the same marks. I shook Mark awake. “Hey buddy! How ya feeling?” I said. He stared at me blankly and didn’t answer. All three of my children leaned  forward in unison and got out of their beds. Without a word they proceeded to the basement. I followed behind them, horrified at what was happening to my little angels. They sat on the floor in the shape of a circle and began to make the most unearthly sounds I have ever heard come from a human. The noise they made sounded like the whistling of wind. The sound began to crescendo and the symbol on their foreheads began to glow a brilliant red.  The light hanging from the ceiling began to flicker until it went out completely. I was thrown back up the stairs by some unknown force and the door to basement slammed shut in front of me. I watched in horror as the basement door turned to stone. I did not know it at the time, but I would never see my children again. Cthulhu had punished me by turning my children into a permanent altar to the omega. Why he let me keep my wife I do not know. That week I went to the nearest church of Grantology in an effort to appease lord Grant and rescue my children from their spiritual slavery. During my time there I gradually came to the realization that there is no higher honor than having my children turned into a shrine to Grant. Me and my wife are now happier than we ever have been and go to the church every week. HAIL LORD GRANT!

-Gains Flemming

The Prestige 5 Grantologists have banded together and created a perfect replica of the Original Holy Text and are going to sell it to the church. Stand by, because as soon as the Text is confirmed to be accurate the Church will be selling it to the public.