The following statements are not required, but are highly recommended before joining the Congregation of Grantology

The first thing that we at the Congregation of Grantology believe is important for new Grantologists to be vegan.

  • We understand that when joining anything new, you are gonna make mistakes. It is inevitable. Being a vegan is just a cushion for new Grantologists to fall back on for when they make a mistake. If Cthulhu knows that you are a devout vegan he will look at you as so pathetic that you are not worth his time.

The second thing, which is really important, is to have a carabiner and or gold chain on you at all times.

  • If they are not certified products, then they must be certified by Lord Grant himself. The way that you can easily certify carabiners is to shed some of your own blood onto the carabiner.
  • For gold chains it is a bit harder. Often times it is hard for Lord Grant to notice when you only shed blood onto a gold chain. After several tests we came to a conclusion that 84% of the time that you sacrifice a domesticated animal onto your gold chain, Lord Grant will certify it.
  • If the immortals see that you have a certified idol, they will begin to decide on who wants you to be their servant. Each immortal has their own followers. It is kinda like a subdivision. It is all under Lord Grant, but is separated into the 9 divisions.

If you want to find out more about ranking up in Grantology, I recommend checking out ourĀ Steps to Prestige page!