First Testimony Letter

Hello, I am George from Louisville, Kentucky. I joined Grantology last week, and I loved it. I could finally be passionate about something again. After my penis stopped erecting. I thought all hope was lost, but once I became a Grantologist and Lord Grant told me that all I had to do to get my peter back was sacrifice my dog, Joji, I was sold. Ever since that day I can just feel Cthulhu’s tentacles tickling my inner thigh, and it reminds me how powerful that Lord Grant is. The sex is great, and I never liked Joji anyway.

One Reply to “First Testimony Letter”

  1. Hi George, I just wanted to thank you. You telling your testimony about Grantology has opened my eyes to the one TRUE religion. I am now leaving my Muslim church to join the following of our true savior, Grant Berrier. I have sacrificed my ex-wife, in order to become a Grantologist, and I am now happier. You have made my life 100 times better George, so thank you.

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